Empowering Women & Children: Reggie visits Kenya for Comic Relief

25 Mar 2017   /   Share

Olivia is a mother living in Kibera, Kenya with her four children. She is living a hand to mouth existence and really struggling to make ends meet. Sometimes, there isn’t enough food for her children, and she’s already three months behind in rent.

After filming, two of Olivia’s daughters (Faith and Felister) have been enrolled into education, and will receive guidance, counselling, life skills training and remedial education. A Comic Relief-funded project will support Olivia to join a savings group, so that she can start a small business, which could give her children a more secure future. 9-year-old Eugene will be supported into school.

About the Project
Pendekezo Letu provides shelter, counselling, practical support, education and training opportunities to extremely vulnerable children and young people living or working in hazardous situations, like rubbish dumps or slums, in Nairobi, Kenya. Their intensive support helps vulnerable children, and their families, to have greater physical and emotional security, and a more positive future.

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Empowering Women & Children: Reggie visits Kenya for Comic Relief