The Insider: Iraq

14 Mar 2017   /   Share

The second series of The Insider is under way, with Reggie living life in Iraq's most dangerous yet compelling places. 

'Having a night at home finally back in my own bed, I can honestly say that the experience in Domiz Refugee camp was one that will stay with me for a long time,' says Reggie. 

'30,000 people have turned the camp into a small town. Tents have, in the last five years, become small brick built homes. In a week I experienced everything from hope - to the rare few who have given up. If you think the Texan Jail and Mexican Army films stirred up questions you'd never considered, what we have planned for this series I'm so excited to share!'

The Insider series sees Reggie live life inside some of the world's most brutal institutions.

Coming soon to BBC Three. 

The Insider: Iraq The Insider: Iraq The Insider: Iraq The Insider: Iraq