Catch 22 and Comic Relief


Catch 22

Reggie is a patron of Catch 22, a UK charity with over two hundred years’ experience of providing services that help people in tough situations to turn their lives around.

Catch 22’s programmes help people steer clear of crime or substance misuse, do the best they can in school or college and develop skills for work, live independently on leaving care or custody, gain new skills and confidence as parents, and play a full part in their community.

In 2011/12 they worked directly with 34,000 young people, families and adult offenders in 150 localities, supporting a further 49,000 young people through national partnership programmes. The people they work with may have had tough upbringings, few opportunities, or lived in difficult neighbourhoods.

Catch 22 provides help in the following areas all over the UK: Family support, offender rehabilitation, employability, education, gangs and gang crime, National Care Advisory Service (NCAS), realising ambition and national youth programmes.

In 2011/12 alone, nearly 93% of the people Catch 22 supported with one of the above services said they now had hope for the future, 86% had gained in confidence and felt they had more control over their lives, and 83% had achieved more than they expected.

Find out more about Reggie’s involvement with the charity on the Catch 22 website, where you can learn more about the people they help and find out how you can get involved.

Comic Relief

Reggie has been a longstanding supporter of Comic Relief, the charity who help make a difference to the lives of millions of poor and disadvantaged people across the UK and Africa. 

In 2013, Reggie travelled to Africa to spend time visiting children living in the slums of Kenya, helping to raise awareness of the impact fundraising has on impoverished areas.

In Africa, more than 70 per cent of the urban population lives in slums. Many of them don’t have access to clean water and adequate sanitation and face difficult living conditions due to overcrowding. Many slum-houses lack sufficient protection from the weather and secure land rights that prevent forced evictions.

Visit the Comic Relief website to find out how you can make a difference.

Catch 22 and Comic Relief